We’re now accepting Spring consignments!!!


NU2U will be RELOCATING 4/7/20 to 504 Monmouth Rd. Millstone Twp. near the Jackson Premium Outlets (in the strip mall with the Gulf Gas Station)


It’s easy to become a consignor at NU2U Consignment in Hamilton, NJ!  Here’s how:


Call Ahead! Bring 15 items or less (on hangers or NEATLY folded). We will go through it while you wait; you will be given back any items we can’t accept

Drop and Go! Drop off your items anytime, any day we are open.  *With this option, any items not accepted will be donated.


    • We accept junior through plus-size women’s clothing and accessories, as well as shoes that are current styles in near-new, cleaned-up condition.
    • Your items will be displayed for 60 days.
    • The items MAY be reduced by 25% after 30 days, and 50% after 60 days. NU2U sets the selling price.
    • When your items sell you will receive 40% of the selling price, 50% for designer accessories.
    • We ask that you consign a maximum of 15 pieces per appointment. and that you stay while we input your items.  (Less is always welcome).
    • We do not accept gowns, suits, coats, or belts or knock-off designer items.
    • Select your in-style women’s clothing and accessories that are in excellent condition.
    • Make sure everything is freshly cleaned and pressed, on hangers or neatly folded, free of stains, odors, wrinkles and pet fur. Remember the better it looks the more you will make!

Pricing – NU2U sets all prices. We add a .99 cent buyer’s fee per item which does not affect your percentage. You’ll receive 40% of the selling price (50% for select designer accessories).

Designer examples:

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Gucci
  • Fendi
  • Burberry

*NU2U can also offer to pay you up front for designer accessories rather than wait for them to sell!


You can see your sold items on consignorlogin.com (or call the store).


$$$ – You can shop using money on your account. Collect a cash pay out if under $25, pick up a check (or receive a check in the mail) if over $25.

Process – We will display your items for 60 days. The selling price may be reduced 25% after the first 30 days, 50% after 45 days. We may have periodic sales & promotions which may affect the final sale price. You will receive an email list of your items and a pick up date if you want any of your unsold items back. You have 5 days after your consignment period ends to retrieve any items that have not sold. If they remain in the store, they become property of NU2U and may be put on our deep discount rack or donated to a local senior community thrift shop. We do not provide notice at the end of your consignment period or when your items sell.

Stop in anytime for the money you have made or if you cannot come in, checks will be mailed each month for amounts over $25.

After your first visit, our drop and run system will save you time. We will tell you all about it when you come in.


We accept items seasonally:


Spring Items
    • January
    • February
    • March
Summer Items
    • April
    • May
    • June
Fall Items
    • July
    • August
    • September
Winter Items
    • October
    • November
    • December