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A few years ago while waiting for me to sift through yet another consignment shop, my husband Bill said to me why don’t you open up one of these places? You would do well, you love these shops. DO WELL? Had my husband finally lost his mind? I hate shopping and only do it when my things are tired looking or I have to go somewhere special; get my bling on. I forget to bring the coupon, worry about the cleanliness of the dressing rooms, and I absolutely hate when I am trying something on with my black mid-calf socks as an accessory and have to leave the dressing room to look in the mirror. Then again I’m a tough shopper.  I have very high expectations from the stores that I shop at.  I hate malls, yet they are a necessity as the small shops/boutiques are way too pricey.  After I explained this his response was “that’s exactly why you should open a store”. Then I thought maybe he hadn’t lost his mind, I could create a store that has a clean friendly atmosphere with quality affordable merchandise, in a town where people could feel at home shopping; your neighborhood shop that you enjoy going to.  And so became NU2U.

When Bill and I envisioned NU2U we had several goals in mind that would set us apart from other retail shops.  We wanted to create a community based brand that provides excellent service and quality merchandise while promoting local organizations and charities.  This ideal is very important to us personally and as a business we believe that there are so many ways we as a community can achieve this and can benefit us all.

When you shop/consign with us you will see that we have trendy fashions in a variety of styles in 0 through plus size.  Our inventory is always changing which gives us the ability to carry various brands in one location while providing a service-oriented shop where other retailers fall short.  Our consignors are familiar with changing trends and pay close attention to their ‘look’ which we in turn provide you with quality, up to date fashions that are comfortable on you and your wallet.  We also carry “Brand NU2U” clothing and accessories.

We hope to see you soon!

Janet and Bill Newton